Easy Steps To Being An
Independent Consultant

There are two things that will need to be done to satisfy the state and federal governments when you become an independent consultant and will be receiving a 1099 form from your employer as opposed to a W2 form. All obligations involve filling out appropriate forms and making your own tax payments. These forms are:

  1. Estimated Federal Tax form which needs to be filled out four times a year on the 15th of April, June, September and January. Weird periods I know but don't worry the forms they send are actually a coupon book for payments. This form is called a Form 1040-ES. It may be obtained by calling: (800) 829-3676
  2. Estimated State Tax form which also needs to be filled out periodically throughout the year. The number to call is different for each state:
    D.C. (202) 727-6104
    MD (800) 638-2937
    VA (804) 367-8031

Hints for those who are new to being a 1099/self employed individual:

*Information updated January, 2000